Dr Fadlo R. Khury, 16 th President, AUB

Every year, we get kindly invited by the Druze Foundation for Social Welfare. This foundation, with whom we have the sincerest relations, coordinates with us in social and educational welfare to support education and culture. One year ago, I announced from here the launching of the week of charity in the American University of Beirut, and this is a usual work of the university and the people working in it. All of this is to support our community and country. This will always be one of our priorities, and for this, we launched, during November, the charity day in the American University of Beirut. All the University colleagues meet on supporting academic partnership which is, simultaneously, a charitable partnership. We look forward to build together a strong academic community with the help of such initiatives. I would like to thank you on every single support and scholarship you have given during those years.  We look forward, together, to create a better future.
Thank you
Fadlo R. Khuri, MD
The 16th president of the University